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“Invención, hay que admitirlo con humildad, no consiste en crear desde el vacío sino desde el caos.”

Mary Shelly

Solar system mechanical observatory

A mechanism designed to simulate the trajectories of the planets in the solar system with mechanical elements. This Artifact’s purpose is to inspire the curiosity of the young and adult minds in every aspect of science and engineering. It can be displayed in universities, museums and libraries encouraging young minds to reach out and set a first spark in the mind to explore the depths of knowledge.

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Dynamic adaptative support for creators and inventors

This dynamic structure can adapt to all sort of terrains and provide a leveled stable working surface. This surface can be placed at several angels and heights  for the users comfort. From a horizontal table to a vertical canvas and every angel in-between. Moreover, its light composition and foldable design allows this masterpiece for easy transport and storage since it can reduce its height by 2 thirds and decrease its occupancy volume 200 times.

mantis civ 1.png
For sale!
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