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Time Storm by Sebastian A. Estivill B.

This painting was created to symbolize the transitions between past, present and future, a way to reflect the sensation of that never ending flow. At Goodenough we have made everlasting friendships that certainly will withstand such temporal flow. This painting is a reminder of who we were before coming to this fantastic place, the people we are spending time with now and the plans we are preparing with them in the future.

The painting is for sale, the money raised will be helping the CIV to continue building technologies and strategies so we can be better prepared for future disasters.


The price of the painting is 500 GDP. By purchasing it you can choose which CIV project to support. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please contact us at


The strange structure in front of you is the Mantis, a creation for creators by Sebastian A. Estivill B. This example in particular is a prototype which belongs to the Goodenough College, but you can purchase one for yourself too. Contact us for more information.


You can learn more about our projects, the CIVART and the CIV by clicking in the following bubbles.



Sailing in the fabrics of space and time.jpeg




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